Hi, I am Kawa.

I am an actor and portrait photographer based in London. My favourite part of a photoshoot is helping my client feel relaxed and seeing that genuine smile warm up your eyes. I like to help you find what is most 'you' in a safe and relaxing environment.

© Kawa Headshots


What happens on the day?

I will arrive early and get everything set up before you come in!

You are welcome to hang up the outfits you have chosen and do your hair in the changing area while I set up the equipment with the studio host.

You will have unlimited outfit change for the session, though we are unlikely to get through everything in a 2-hour appointment.
I recommend you think about which 4-6 you would prioritise that suggest different characters! We can also talk through some recommendations on the day once you show me what outfits you've brought.

We’ll put on some music to help make the shoot as relaxed as possible. Specific directions for poses will be given so absolutely no worries at all if you are at a loss for ideas!

You’ll also get to check the photos as we go along.

What should I wear?

I’d suggest having a think about your casting type (for actor’s headshots) or professional role (for business portraits), and what someone in that role might wear. It’s usually a good idea to have a variety of different outfits that suggest completely different roles or personalities.

Some keywords to help with ideas: playful, energetic, friendly, reliable, trustworthy, smart, intense, serious, caring, kind, strong, athletic, funny.

Faded colours and less saturated tones tend to look nice for dramatic portraits. Bright colours can be refreshing, but try to avoid anything that might distract from your face, like neon colour stripes, or bold patterns and logos.

If you have any props that you would like to incorporate into the shoot, please let me know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Brightly coloured accessories usually work well, too. Layers, jewellery and knitwear can add visual interest and depth for the portrait.

Please iron out wrinkles in your shirt before the session to get the most of that amazing design!

What should I do for hair & make-up?

Please bring hair supplies with you to make sure you can fix any flyaway hair on the day.

This might include hairspray and combs or brushes.

If you have long hair, it might be worth bringing a hair band as it is usually good to get a set of photos with your hair tied back, to show the full structure of your face shape.

Please only wear light make-up on the day as heavy make-up tends to show up rather unnatural on camera. I will help you edit out most blemishes in Photoshop 😊!

Please moisturise your lips before the shoot. Cracked lips can be distracting, plus it’s painful for you :D

You’ll have the option of sending me edit notes. However, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to do it 100% as described, and please do not re-edit the retouched images I send out as they are not a true representation of my work.

Please avoid bright colours and glossy lipstick. Matte, natural colours tend to work well.

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot, I will send you the link to the online gallery with the unedited photos within 48 hours of the shoot (unless there are unforeseen circumstances).

We understand that choosing can be tough, so if you’d like, you can have your friends and family take a look, too! :D

The online gallery will be live for six months. If you would like to request extra edits, you can do that any time within those six months.

I will retouch the images and send you the hi-res edited images within 7 days of you sending me your selection (unless there are unforeseen circumstances). 😊

You are welcome to use the images for promotional and commercial projects. I will also reserve the right to use the images for promotional purposes as part of my portfolio.

Please kindly tag @kawa_headshots or credit Kaea Headshots when you share the images on social media or use it on casting sites such as Spotlight!

Are the unedited images available for download?

Yes, the unedited images will be available for you to download in Web Size (1024px).